Saturday, January 11, 2020

New Year, New Site

So I didn't really plan this, but as I wanted to get my own domain I did so as soon as I got back from vacation. I'm going to be cross-posting between my current WordPress site (which will remain up) and my new site at which I hope everyone will check out. It's honestly not too different from this site as it's also a blog.

After today I will no longer be updating my WordPress.

I've returned from New Orleans with some new ideas and some better ideas for the current book. I'm looking forward to getting the edits back for that so I can get cracking.

I also know that I promised everyone some content for Sorcery of the Blood (current title) and while I didn't have time in December to share, I do have some time now. Here it is, the playlist for Sorcery of the Blood.

I built this list through Spotify, and the explanations are below. Now some are going to have to wait until after the book comes out as otherwise, they'll spoil it. However, every song has a corresponding character or scene. The ones that do not have an explanation listed will receive one when the book is released. 

Sorcery of the Blood Playlist

Monster - Skillet - This song is Kingston's theme song for the book. His entire problem is he sees himself as a monster and that's one of his biggest hurdles to overcome over the course of the book.

Help I'm Alive - Metric - This song is Martin's theme song for the book. I could give several reasons but the main one is he's a little ball of anxiety and this suits him.

Long Live the Chief - Jidenna - Tyrone's theme song. He's the boss of the book and knows it.

Firestarter - The Prodigy - Theme song for the twins, Ash and Cinder. They like to make trouble and they're fairly energetic.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen - This one is for Felix because that's very much who he is as a person. He's flamboyant and loves to have a good time. 

The City Is At War - Cobra Starship - This was originally going to be the title for the book, however, it was made clear to me I would likely be sued into oblivion if I did. So thank you to several friends for stopping me. The lyrics suit the book to a T, and while I can't explain why because again spoilers, I assure you it's quite apt. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into what I've been doing. I'll keep everyone updated as to the progress on editing and the eventual release of my book. Please follow me on Twitter at as well as Facebook at for more frequent updates. 



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